LN Energy

    Enterprise Introduction

  • LN Energy is located in Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, China. It is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of solar cells and components. At present, it has a production capacity of 2GW for battery cell manufacturing and 3GW for high-efficiency components. In 2022, it achieved a sales revenue of 3 billion yuan.
  • With its experienced operation team, industry-leading manufacturing equipment, and advanced production management philosophy, LN Energy has passed the international quality management system certification, and its products have been certified by multiple authoritative institutions such as CQC, TUV, and CE, providing customers with safe, reliable, and cost-effective high-quality products.
  • LN Energy has established a good marketing network and has long-term strategic cooperation with strong, channelled, and well-known domestic and international customers. Its products are not only sold in China, but also exported to emerging photovoltaic markets such as Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe, and South Korea, Japan; While selling our products well, LN Energy also has a professional and hardworking technical support team, allowing customers to use our products without any worries.
  • Intelligent manufacturing

    LN Energy always insist on long-term value for clients by offering long-time reliable products. Every incoming raw material will be strictly tested before coming online to prevent any defect caused by material.

    LN Energy’s smart full automation factory can carry out stable and efficient manufacturing procedure.Every panel will be checked by machines as well as QC engineer before going to next procedure.
  • Quality assurance

    LN Energy’s products design and manufacturing are based on years of process and material product warranty, years of production line production warranty, and glass product production line production guarantee.

    LN Energy have two times tests than average industry during manufacturing. LN Energy have after-soldering EL test, pre-lamination EL test, after-lamination EL test and final EL test to prevent each single panel from micro-crack.

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